June 01 2017

Talem Health Launches New Education Division, Rural Medical Education (RME) Collaborative

TRUMBULL, CT, June 1, 2017  As part of its commitment to empower healthcare professionals through education and provide high-quality learning opportunities for all, Talem Health is excited to announce the launch of Rural Medical Education (RME) Collaborative. This new division of Talem Health is focused on designing tailored continuing education for clinicians who provide care to patients living in rural and underserved areas.

Although 20% of the US population lives in rural areas, only 9% of physicians practice rurally. As a result, rural areas represent one of the largest physician-underserved populations in the country. This shortage of healthcare professionals has serious implications for access and quality of care—including higher rates of chronic conditions, hospitalizations, and mortality compared with urban areas.

Primary care clinicians often provide services to patients in rural and underserved areas due to the absence of specialists who would traditionally deliver such care. This can be particularly challenging, as patients often have multiple chronic health issues and therefore have complex care needs.

Unfortunately, access to continuing education can be problematic for clinicians in rural and underserved areas because of geographic isolation, difficulty getting time off from work, limited financial resources, and lack of applicable, relevant educational opportunities.

“Recognizing the urban-rural health disparities, Talem Health developed an educational division focused solely on the needs and challenges of these areas,” noted Eric VanStone, Principal of RME Collaborative and Talem Health. “The name – Rural Medical Education Collaborative – was not by accident. We believe collaborations and partnerships at local, regional, and state levels are essential to understanding the broad, unique educational needs of clinicians who serve patients from rural and underserved areas and to providing high-quality, relevant continuing education.”

To address these challenges, RME Collaborative plans to use various educational formats, methods, and technologies that have been shown to improve access to education and training. Virtual learning formats will provide clinicians with convenient, relevant, and interactive educational opportunities without having to travel.

In addition, collaborations with key partners will help ensure that the educational initiatives are effective and tailored to the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals treating patients in rural and underserved communities.

For more information on RME Collaborative, please visit: https://talemhealth.com/rme-collaborative.


About Talem Health
Talem Health, LLC is a provider of medical education. Our mission is to engage and empower healthcare providers through high-quality, meaningful education.

Launched in January 2017, Talem Health is operated by a team with extensive experience in content development, project management, and program implementation. Our editorial team has broad experience in developing and planning educational activities for various learners across a wide range of therapeutic areas, as well as measuring outcomes at the patient level. Talem works alongside various partners, including accredited academic institutions, hospital networks, accountable care organizations, and other healthcare organizations. We work to understand the needs in order to develop learning strategies that will yield sustainable improvement and scalable change.


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